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NBI Advisors’ CFO+ Services provides entrepreneurs and business owners more than the limited accounting services typically associated with fractional CFOs. Below are some of the services provided and examples of results from past engagements:


NBI has assisted clients to obtain equity, near-equity, asset-backed loans, SBA loans, commercial bank loans and other forms of financing including:

$800,000+ in startup financing through a combination of grants, loans, economic development incentives, purchase order financing, working capital financing and supplier credit. The entrepreneur retained 100% of the equity in the business.

$1,000,000+ in state grants, tax credits and other incentives as well as additional local below-market financing and incentives, including the acquisition of a 5,000 square foot build-to-suit building – all in lieu of selling equity.

$1,000,000+ accounts receivable financing at a below-prime interest rate and no spousal guarantees for a startup, spin-off, professional services firm.

NBI assisted a client in developing a financing package used to secure over $1 million in vendor credit and bank financing to finance growth in lieu of selling equity.

NBI has created dozens of business plans and financial models for clients.


Leveraging a network of contacts built over 25 years, NBI has made introductions on behalf of clients that have led them to key strategic partnership relationships and first customers, as well as CEOs, COOs, CTOs and board members they have hired.


NBI is always looking for ways to make its clients more profitable. In past engagements, NBI clients received a $100,000+ R&D tax credit, $25,000 insurance claim, $8,000 tax refund, $6,000+ in sales/use tax refunds and more that had been previously missed by other service providers.


NBI typically fills more than one role for a business owner. In a former engagement, NBI handled accounting and finance operations while simultaneously managing the creation of a supply chain to implement the client’s largest contract and a company move.


NBI created and managed for five years the Venture Forum’s Greater Richmond’s Companies to Watch program, at the time its most profitable program in its 25+ year history

NBI contributed two product ideas that were commercialized by a software client

NBI’s president is a former board member for C3 (Creative Change Center),an organization bridging the creative and business communities around Richmond, Virginia. He helped found the initial RVA Creativity Awards program.


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