NBI Advisors, Inc.



Mr. Johnson has spent over 25 years helping entrepreneurs with their financial objectives, through strategic consulting, providing CFO+ services, introductions to financing sources, partners, executive hires and customers, and value-added professional services such as developing business plans, financial models and investor presentations. He is a former CPA, CFO and registered representative.

In 2001, Mr. Johnson founded NBI Advisors, Inc. to assist startup and early stage companies with high growth potential, which he continues to do so today.

Summarized Employment History

NBI Advisors, Inc. - Consulting to early stage businesses
Ideas2inc - Investor in early stage businesses
Smither & Company - Mergers/acquisitions of small businesses
The Database Solutions Company - CFO of a venture funded company
Virginia Ventures Corporation - Consulting to early stage businesses
Ernst & Young, Entrepreneurial Services Group - Audits of early stage businesses

Mr. Johnson’s interest in entrepreneurship began through his self-employment through high school and college. He was a founding member of the JMU chapter of the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs (ACE) and published a satire of the JMU school paper, The Breeze, which he named The Passing Wind.

In 1988, He graduated and moved to Richmond where he was the first college graduate hired directly into the Richmond office’s Entrepreneurial Services Group. Mr. Johnson later spent five years with Virginia Ventures Corporation, a strategic consulting firm advising startups and early stage companies. He also assisted the founding of Richmond Ventures Magazine. Mr. Johnson left Virginia Ventures to join a client, the Database Solutions Company, where as CFO he assisted the company in raising $8 million in venture capital over three rounds. He also led the consulting division to its highest revenue quarter ever and contributed two product ideas which were commercialized.

At Smither & Company, Mr. Johnson gained experience with mergers and acquisitions while developing business plans, financial projections and performing due diligence functions. He was later recruited to join ideas2inc, a business accelerator that raised over $1 million to invest in early stage businesses. Mr. Johnson reviewed investment opportunities, conducted market research and provided services to clients.

In June 2001, Mr. Johnson formed NBI Advisors, Inc., a consulting firm providing capital acquisition, CFO and strategic and business planning services to entrepreneurs. Despite a difficult funding environment for seed and early stage businesses, NBI has assisted many clients that received financing, in many instances without suffering equity dilution. Several of NBI’s pre-revenue clients progressed to become top employers in the Richmond area or had successful exit transactions.



For six years prior to 2020, Mr. Johnson served as the CFO of a former client. In addition to accounting and finance management responsibilities, he made contributions to closing its three largest sales during the period, conceived a marketing message that was adopted and is still used, developed an innovative equity compensation plan, introduced its second largest revenue-producing partner and handled vendor negotiations that saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.